Mod developers and helpers:
  • Defter - main developer.
  • Jolly Roger - main developer.
  • Helloween - server hosting.
  • Hamer - Omega-30 system, Portsmouth system, Thunder fighter, shield technology for large ships, effects of liner engine, gunboat engines, liner thruster.
  • outcast - improved effect of Cannonball engine.
  • Azure Dragon - trade routes.
  • Semarain - Event horizon ship, Ker'is gunboat (with support from Azure Dragon).
  • Forad - Warrior and Warlord fighters.
Thanks for the used materials and research:
  • Digital Anvil and Microsoft corporation - for game of decades.
  • Jason Hood (Adoxa) - many useful corrections and additions to the game, at the code level.
  • M0tah, w0dk4, mc_horst - FlHook and other useful stuff.
  • Alex A. Florov (ELITEGAMES) - russian language translation.
  • Nova - 3D models of Outcasts and Corsair gunboats, Buccaneer, Virus, and Zero fighters, Dezhnev beacon.
  • SolCommand - 3D models of stations and ships.
  • WhiskasTM - enhanced navigation map ("MultiUniverse" plugin).